Women in Physics

Be the change you want to see in the world.

In the highly male-dominated field of physics, women can often feel limited in their potential due to a lack of female role models and propensity for imposter syndrome.  Furthermore, there are severe issues with retention of women in science after higher education.

What have I done to help?

To target concerns of isolation and imposter syndrome, I created the Oxford Women in Physics Society in an effort to cultivate a welcoming network of supportive women.  We further developed a mentoring programme and held regular tea sessions, dinners, and Q&A panels.  Along with Daniela Bortoletto and the Women in Physics Society, we created the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, held each year for female undergraduates to explore their options within science.

Speech and Debate Background

  • Parliamentary Debate Collegiate National Champion (USA) with additional Silver Medal in Impromptu Speaking (2007)
  • Collegiate Debate State Champion (California) with a Gold Medals in both Parliamentary and Lincoln-Douglas Debate.  Bronze Medals in both Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking (2007)


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